Photo Shoot

Day 18:
3 hrs

Today Joanne and I went to Castello di Amorosa to do a photo shoot in the completed cosplay. Initially we thought we were going to have to pay for tickets in, but after talking to an employee, we were allowed to come in for free. The venue was beautiful and fitting with my costume, as it was a castle and I was dressed as a magic knight.

It was difficult to maneuver in the costume because of the heels, sword, and armor, but it was fun nonetheless. While we were taking pictures around the area inside and out, a few people asked to take pictures with me. Essentially, for the day I felt like a celebrity. It was interesting and fun to experience.

What was even more interesting were the references I got called. Nobody knew what character I was or what anime I was from, so from a tour guide at the castle I was referred to as an Avatar. Then from two passing tourists I was referred to as a character from Harry Potter and as a Power Ranger, none of which I even closely resembled. Either way, the names gave me a good laugh whilst I was uncomfortable in my attire.

The photos were taken in different poses Joanne and I found online of Umi from both the anime and manga. Joanne took all of the photos of me, well- besides the ones taken by passing tourists. In total there were about 30 pictures.

I am planning on editing a photo or two and then I will publish the photos from both the photo shoot and the process one by one on the blog for easy viewing.


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