The REAL Finishing Touches

Day 17:
3 hrs

I went to Joanne’s place and went right to work. Joanne and I got the armor pieces inside to add the gold paint to just as I had on the other piece. It was a bit more difficult because I had to work around the slight differences in shape between the two shoulder pieces. The back plate allowed for more creativity in that I could make any intricate design that I pleased because there was never a clear reference to what it should look like- so I had the freedom to choose my own design for it.

Once the painting was done, we waited while the paint dried. Afterward, we got hinges for the three shoulder armor pieces to be connected and used 5 min. epoxy and screws/washers to attach the pieces together. Initially we were only using the epoxy, but it was not holding quite enough for a secure fit. We then thought to use the screws/washers. This was the perfect solution and the piece stuck together over my shoulders with nearly no effort.

There are two issues that are unavoidable and unchangeable at this point in the project.

  1. The armor is very tight and not very flexible for movement/breathing. This could have been avoided if we had thought of a different way to connect the pieces so that they would not have to hug my chest to stay on and if we had angled the shoulder pieces of the armor higher in the air to allow me for more arm/shoulder movement.
  2. The paint keeps coming off and revealing the silicon beneath. This could have been avoided had either Joanne or I known that silicon would reject materials on top of it so easily because we would have then chosen a different material to use for the purposes it served in the armor pieces.

Even with its problems, I tried on the costume all together and it was not the most comfortable, but it looked almost exactly the way I had wanted it to from the start. Overall, I am very happy I got to have this experience and build a new friendship with my mentor- Joanne Powers. That’s what Senior Project is for, right?


One response to “The REAL Finishing Touches

  1. You handled the entire project like a true cosplayer: Staying up late, experimenting with new materials, and putting up with uncomfortable costuming issues just to look good. I’m proud of what you and I together were able to accomplish.

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