Finishing Touches

Day 15/16:
10 hrs

After looking at the finished armor piece, Joanne and I got the other half of the armor ready to add silicon to the top of it and spray paint it. After this process was complete, I worked on something on my own. I got some supplies together and I made my own version of the hand armor that Umi wears with the rest of her costume in some of the renditions of her that I have seen while surfing the web. Joanne liked the look of it and from what I could tell she was proud of me and the outcome of the armor. I used the final gem I had left over to add to the surface of the hand armor as a finishing touch.

Once that was completed, the shoulder armor outside was ready we got to covering it in the tabletop epoxy. It was such a mess, but it looked shiny and firm just as we wanted it to be. That was the end of the work for the day.

I got to work on my own again and I seemed to have a better feel for prop making/craft building after working with Joanne for all this time. This was made clear when I had the ability and planning skill to put together the hand armor in my own in a timely manner. Even though this piece was not a huge factor in the costume, I was very pleased to know I had been able to complete it on my own.

I learned about myself when I was working on my own, just as I do almost every time I work on my own. I was not disappointed with myself in turn and I am glad I got the opportunity to add in that small detail. Sometimes, it’s the small things that count!


The next day, we got together and saw the result of the tabletop epoxy on the armor shoulder. It was exactly what Joanne and I had hoped for! I loved the look and the smooth feel of the surface after we let the epoxy set. Therefore we had no hesitation to add the epoxy mixture to the second shoulder armor piece.

Afterward, Joanne and I worked on creating the backing to the armor, a plate which would be the connection base for the two shoulders. After it was put together and the silicon holding its layers together was dried and ready, we spray painted added some of the epoxy mixture to it as well to set overnight with the second armor blade.

Once this was complete, I got to painting the gold trim and designs on the completed armor piece. That was the last task of the day.

I learned about what materials create what finishes by seeing what the actual result, rather than just a predicted result, of the tabletop epoxy. I have found this part of the project to be useful for if I want to continue in costume technology or in cosplaying alone.


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