Shopping Time! In-Store Round 1

Day 10:
2.5 hrs

When I got to Joanne’s we went with  her twin sister Janet to go shopping for the in-store items. We went to stores in this order: Hancock Fabrics, Hope Depot, Raley’s (Raley’s was not on the original list, but circumstances changed during the shopping experience.)

At Hancock Fabrics, Janet decided to stay in the car whilst Joanne and I went shopping. After about 50 mins of bantering back and fourth with one another about different materials for the costume, we had finally decided on what fabric, fabric lining, cape fabric, trim, zipper, and armor lining fabric we wanted to purchase. After deciding on the items, we got them cut to the yard lengths we needed for the costume and suddenly realized we had no thread. I went and grabbed a spool, but it was the wrong brand and Joanne went to show me the right brand, when we came back, there was a woman asking me Joanne about the project and the two of us told her about what we are making and how it is for my senior project. She was impressed that I was the one making it, but honestly I am getting a lot of help, which I am very appreciative of. After ringing up, we left the store. Janet was a bit perturbed that it took us an hour in one store, since they were on a time crunch to begin with.

We then went to the Home Depot. Janet went in with us. When we got inside the store and started looking for items, the bickering between Joanne and Janet was almost instantaneous, it was quite comical. Where Joanne was saying “I’m sure it’ll be fine!”, Janet was assuring her that she needed to be more realistic about her choices in materials. I was laughing a lot during their conversations, but we did manage to find the chicken wire, wooden dowel, and aluminum rod before we needed help in the spray paint area. After asking for help, we got more information for the project from the man who helped us. He directed us to a hardening epoxy that is used one bar counter tops which would give the armor we are going to make a rock-hard surface; he was sure to let us know that we needed something like a sandwich spatula to spread the epoxy evenly over the surfaces we put it over. He also gave us the idea of making the blade of the sword out of aluminum foil, then covering it in a coat of the epoxy and spray painting it silver. I really liked the idea even though both Janet and Joanne were a bit wary of it (though Janet was of course more wary and Joanne decided it would be alright to give it a try.) After having this discussion with the employee, we went to the check-out line and purchased the items.

After that, Joanne and I went to Raley’s to get the sandwich spatula and heavy duty aluminum foil for the sword and epoxy. After that the shopping trip of the day was done and I was dropped off at my house and we brought in the new materials to keep at my home until our next meeting.


One response to “Shopping Time! In-Store Round 1

  1. Having now experimented with the ultra gloss epoxy/aluminum foil idea (which was a wonderful recommendation from the Home Depot employee), I think that our concerns were valid. I just couldn’t predict at the time that the epoxy would take in all of the imperfections of the material it was applied to.

    #PARKS Super Glaze Pour-On Finish and Perservative

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