Re-approaching the Costume

Day 14:
8.5 hrs

Today I cut the edges off of both of the shoulder pieces first. Then I re-approached the costume because the last step in completing it was to add the trim to the dress portion of the costume. The process for each of the pieces was to pin it down, cut and sew. I did this for the gold ribbon trim on the skirt half of the dress first. I then set aside the gold ribbon for the decorative trim.

This trim was used on the bodice half of the dress on the chest area as decoration. Joanne had to give me extra guidance for the new trim because it is more dimensional and I needed to be shown how to start it off and where to sew on it. After understanding this properly, I got to pinning and sewing the decorative trim to the bodice. Once this was completed, I picked up the gold ribbon once more.

I added this trim along the seams of the bodice and up to the top edge. It was more difficult to complete this part of the trim because I had to curve the line I was sewing, but it was not too difficult and I eventually completed the task (although I had to seam rip once or twice to get it done properly.)

After the trim was finished on the dress portion, I had nothing to do. At that point, Joanne suggested that I add the remainder of the decorative trim to the leotard. Initially, I was resistant, but then realized how nice of a touch it would be and realized that I should add it. After pinning it the way I liked, I realized it would not fit over my head, so I had to reestablish how I wanted the trim to be in order for it to look nice and to fit around my head while I was putting it on. After pinning the trim on the leotard while it was on the mannequin, I asked, Joanne to help to see if it was right. Joanne then told me there were some glitches in the way I pinned it and she made the changes and showed me what was wrong. I understood the small errors in my pinning process.

After the pinning was finished, I went to work at the sewing machine. Near the beginning, the sewing was impossible it seemed. I was trying to get the trim to go where it was pinned, but it kept catching and the pins were getting caught in the machine. It was awful and I was near giving up because I had to seam rip so many times. After taking a break, as was suggested by Joanne, I got back to work on the leotard trim.

The process of messing up so many times during the project has made me more perseverant and I am not happy that I have messed up so often, but I am happy to know that I have been able to improve and learn to continue one as I did in this case during the project. This perseverance will remain in everything I do.

I had almost finished the trim when I noticed I had accidentally sewn part of the leotard to itself. Within 5 minutes, I was back to sewing on the trim and it was completed soon after that incident. The way that the trim looks on the costume I made and the actual character is a bit different, but it allows for me to get it over my head and is still aesthetically pleasing. I do not regret or resent having to slightly change that detail on the costume. Once the trim was done, so was my work for the day.

I think that the learning process of today was mostly concerned with perseverance, but a part of it was also concerned with attention to detail. I had to pay attention to the detailing in the trim to make sure I would have enough materials to do what I needed to do with it. Knowing this, I was able to utilize my materials well and make more of them than I had expected to at the beginning of the day.


One response to “Re-approaching the Costume

  1. This day was especially challenging because we switched over to a new sewing machine – the major quirk being that we couldn’t use the backstitch function. We were able to compensate by pivoting the fabric 180 degrees and retracing our stitching, successfully locking the thread in place.

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