Prop Process

Day 13:
6 hrs

Today Joanne showed me that she had added clay and silicon onto one shoulder of the armor where it had been cracking. Before we had left during our last meeting, we had also added on the craft foam pieces with silicon and let them dry over the short break we had from working.

After her and I had a discussion about the progress of the props, I was determined to have products to be able to take home with me. I got to work on the sword because it was so far the prop that was easiest to complete since the clay pieces and epoxy on the blade were both dried and ready to be spray painted. I first added a few spray paint coats  of silver to the sword blade, since I had previously spray painted the handle blue when we first started working on the sword. I also applied a coat of blue spray paint to the accessory pieces for the sword handle. After all of the pieces and the blade had enough coats and were both dried, I took them inside to arrange where the pieces should go on the handle. After attempting to slide on a round jeweled piece to the handle, I noticed that the round opening was not wide enough and I spent about 20 minutes with Joanne sanding the inside of the opening hole until it smoothly fit over the handle and allowed for room for the 5 minute epoxy to fit. After it was established that the piece would fit, I arranged the other pieces where I wanted them to be as Joanne mixed together the epoxy. After it was thoroughly mixed, Joanne spread the epoxy over the areas where I wanted the clay pieces and I placed the pieces. One of the pieces we had to attach with  pressure (rubber band hold) to keep it in place.

Once the epoxy dried, I added gold accent paint in various places upon the accent pieces and the handle itself. The accents that I added were not exact to the images found online or in other cosplays, but it was a place where my creative ability could be presented without it taking away from the overall authenticity of the costume to the character, so I too the opportunity to present it. I feel I made a good choice in doing so and I am sure Joanne does as well.

After that was done, Joanne started in on spray painting the completed armor piece whilst I got started on the headband. I used a lot of hot glue for the head band and did it entirely on my own. I used 2 gems, some of the fabric left over from the costume, gold paint, craft foam, modge podge, and hot glue to complete the headband. Joanne gave me a wig head to use while accessorizing the headband and for when the wig came in the mail for me to keep. I am really happy to have a wig head for this project and future ones.

First I applied glue to the headband and cut the fabric out around it after it was adhered, then I glued the under side of the fabric together to keep it in place, since the hot glue does not stick well to the plastic of the headband. After that I added the two blue gems on top of the fabric, painted the trim, and cut out the pieces for the craft foam blades. After cutting out the first set of blades, I used them as a pattern to cut out the other half of the blades. After cutting out all of the pieces, I painted the silver blades with the spray paint outside and then painted the smaller pieces with gold acrylic paint inside. Once the pieces had dried, I attached them all together for either side with modge podge and then hot glued the sets to the headband on either side.

After that was done, Joanne informed me that she had done most of the spray painting already, so I went out and did a couple more coats and called it a night.

I got more experience with prop making today, even though I wouldn’t consider the headband to be a prop, I still took some of the process from prop making to accessorize it. I am getting a better foothold in the cosplay making process by learning about prop making with Joanne, since she is not hugely a prop maker herself. We have both begun to be inspired by the prop making process and I am glad I am not the only one learning during the project. As it is commonly known, there is always room for improvement (not only in the cosplaying world, but in all aspects of life.) Both Joanne and I are learning steps to improve during the project and I am glad to be sharing the learning process with an adept costume technician and cosplayer.


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