Day 9:
3 hrs

One of the days between today and our previous meeting, Joanne requested I bring with me today my budget from the beginning of the project. I brought it in, and after looking it over, Joanne decided it was best to spend our time reworking the budget and seeing what items we wanted to purchase online and off.

After Joanne estimated the entire budget I made, we added more items to the list with their estimated cost. We then took all of the estimations and confirmed them to be correct or incorrect by searching for all of the list items online.  After looking online at various retailers and wholesales, we decided on buying hardware items (chicken wire, spray paint, primer, wooden dowel, and aluminum rod) at Home Depot, craft items (headband, craft foam, gold acrylic paint, gems, and clay) at Wal-Mart, fabrics (fabric, ribbon, trim, lining fabric) at Hancock Fabrics, and online items (boots, gloves, rigid wrap, wigs, etc.) from Amazon, Aliexpress, and E-bay (whichever website sold the best quality items for the least in cost.)

After we decided on everything, we priced everything out based on a combination of the previous estimations (for the online items) and the store prices, Joanne typed out a new list of items with their prices and stores to a Google doc which she printed out for reference for when we plan to go shopping for the items on the list.

Finally, she told me to do research for our selection of online items so we would know exactly what to buy when the time for purchasing everything came.


2 responses to “Budgeting

  1. We also spent a bit of time discussing the different materials we could use as a base for the prop and armor. Do you remember all of options? Our final choices were a fine balance between quality materials and economical pricing.

    May your quest in the world of cosplay bring you long hours, sleepless nights, and many challenges.

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