Alterations Round 2

Day 8:
2 hrs

Today we worked on the altered mock-up again. After about 45 mins I completed it, but again I made mistakes. I made less than before, but enough that it took me a long time to do. We then looked at it on my body and made suggestions for more alterations and drew them on and started adding that changes. The changes were smaller because the majority of the alterations were completed already in the previous meeting. After making these alterations, we knew there may be more changes to be made down the road, but we tried it on again and we are currently satisfied with its look, but are expecting changes soon depending on the looks of other pieces. After establishing that fact, we took it apart once more to keep it in a workable pattern form and cleaned up.


One response to “Alterations Round 2

  1. Temporary changes to the pattern can be marked with either pencil, washable chalk marks, quilting pins, or safety pins. We tended to sketch out changes while the mock-up was on the form, then took the pieces apart and laid them flat on the cutting board before marking more definitive, graceful lines.

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