Alterations Round 1

Day 7:
2 hrs

Today Joanne and I got together and made our first set of alterations to the mock-up. We took the pieces from the original and cut on the lines we had added during our previous meeting and re pinned them to the mannequin to see how I liked it.  This process took about on hour, in which we were working and discussing other portions of the project that we are planning on starting soon.There were a few more adjustments that I wanted to make after we had pinned up the new mock-up pattern. After the small alterations were made, we took fabric and began cutting out the pattern pieces for a new mock-up. I made quite a few mistakes and had to seam rip and start over in various areas of the pattern, so in the next hour I did not get a lot done in putting together the pieces of the mock-up and requested to complete the sewing on our next meeting. This request was granted and after helping clean up the mess we made of fabric and pattern pieces, I left to go home.

Even though I made a lot of mistakes, I feel as though I have become better acquainted with the sewing machine and I am getting a better feel for its sensitivity and how it works. I am understanding more about patterning and learned that the less pattern pieces you use, the easier it is to put the piece together. It seems obvious, but I was not aware of this fact before the project because I have never made clothes or used a pattern for doing so before this. I am learning a lot more during this process which I feel I can use in the future to not only create more cosplays of characters, but to get involved with making everyday clothing for myself or possibly as gifts. I think this project is slowly opening up new processes for me and I am grateful to have such a patient mentor to guide me through this learning process.


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