All Nighter!

Day 12:
19 hrs.

After talking to my friends yesterday, I have the interest in going to SacAnime. I want to put my costume together as much as I can to wear a trial run of it at the convention. When I got to Joanne’s, I told her this and was determined to get the majority of the clothing sewn for the final product. She said it was going to be difficult, but if we kept to it, I might be home before midnight. That was not the case.

After adding the last bit of alterations that we had been anticipating to the mock-up, we cut out the pattern pieces for the final piece. After cutting out the pieces from both the fabric and the lining fabric, we were reminded that I cannot sew in a straight line if my life were depending on it. From there we spent about 20 minutes adding a 5/8 seam allowance on all of the pattern pieces. Then we pinned pieces together as needed and I began sewing. Some of the sewing was too difficult for me for the edges, so Joanne had to do it. I was always aware of what was going on, though.

The majority of the outer layer of fabric was sewn together when I started adding the inner pieces to it. I went through essentially the same pinning and sewing process to complete the sewing of the lining fabric. After getting the lining sewn to the other fabric, we had to flip it inside out and iron it flat.

Once all of the fabric was sewn together, we approached the techniques for which we would attach the sleeves together and the zipper to the back. After discussing between Joanne, Janet and I, we finally figured out how we wanted to approach putting the sleeves together because we had put the pieces together incorrectly. After seam ripping, we were able to easily sew the two halves of each of the sleeves together. The final piece of that portion of the costume was completed after adding the zipper.

I learned a lot about how to sew and felt that I had most improved after working on the final product of the costume. It’s too bad that I just started to get better at sewing because the project is nearly over and I have a strong feeling that I will not be making more costumes or clothing for a while because of the cost, time consumption, and equipment that I do not own myself. I hope that sooner than later I can get back into the process so I keep the knowledge and ability I now possess fresh in my brain.

This new knowledge and comfort with the sewing machine allowed for me to complete the cape on my own. Granted, the cape is not extremely advanced or near perfection, I am proud of it because it looks decent and I didn’t have to ask for any help to complete it.

Whilst I was working on the cape, Janet went to bed and Joanne had been working on the vinyl belt (which I added the ribbon to with her later on in our time during this meeting) and cutting out craft foam for the shoulder armor of one half of the armor. After I had finished the cape, Joanne had me cut out the craft foam for the other shoulder. She explained to me that the craft foam would be used to add a smooth, 3D effect to the armor and I am a bit unsure of what the product will be from it, but so far she has not led me astray and she is experienced in this area, so I am trusting in her suggestions.

During the night at some point, I am not sure after or before what step in the process of things we did, we ordered the items that I had found online. I remember it being quite early on in the time we spent together. The items will be in for the most part by the time we are intensely working on the props.

After all of these tasks were completed, we noticed it was 6:30 a.m. and we stayed together and awaited the sunrise from our extensive all nighter. We had a snack/breakfast and went outside to take a picture in the light of the oncoming day to represent our hard work and a night well spent. Then Joanne took me back home and I tried the costume on with what I had so far and we took pictures in my back yard.

Unfortunately, a few minutes ago I was reminded that on the date of the SacAnime convention, I am going to be participating in a college preparatory workshop and will not be able to attend the convention. I am not happy with that, but I am happy with the immense progress Joanne and I have made on the project and feel a huge portion of the cosplay is complete and we can now focus more on the props, which need our attention greatly.


One response to “All Nighter!

  1. You really persevered during these long hours and I’m very impressed that we stuck to our goal and accomplished it. Many people do not have the determination or focus to work so many hours on end.

    This session definitely represented an increase in your proficiency with the process of costume-making. We both grew to trust each others ability and technical problem-solving. I was very comfortable giving you a task and trusting that you could complete it without me having to stand at your side and supervise. It is a great relief to be able to go off and complete what I need to do, knowing that you are holding up your share of the work.

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