Pattern Working

Day 5:
2 hrs

Today Joanne and I worked on the pattern for the first draft of the costume. We used the Halloween costume pattern, as I was expecting. Before cutting out the pattern pieces together, Joanne took my measurements and determined I was a size 12. We proceeded to cut out all of the pattern pieces with the size 12.

After cutting out all of the pieces, we looked at all the the pieces and Joanne explained how they would look when put together. After grasping what the potential look would be, we together decided on and made alterations to the pattern. After this was done, I wanted to see what the costume would essentially look like, so we pinned all of the pieces together on the life-sized mannequin  Joanne has.

Both Joanne and I were satisfied with the look of the pattern for the time being, so we unpinned it from the mannequin and laid it all back out. In our last fifteen minutes we took smaller pieces of the pattern and began cutting out the pattern with blue cotton fabric to start on the process of making the first draft of the costume. We are making a first draft of the costume to make sure it is what I want, and if not to make more alterations on the pattern until Joanne and I have reached a mutual satisfaction with the design and product. The rest of the first draft process will happen in our next meeting.


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