Pattern Hunting

Day 4:
2.5 hrs

Today Joanne and I met and went to Hancock Fabrics for the annual sale on patterns to find patterns that would be adaptable for the costume I am making and putting together. Since the character I am cosplaying is not well-known, there are not patterns that are sold in fabric stores modeled after my character. Because of this, we had to find patterns that were very similar or held some similar qualities to the costume that Joanne and I designed and to the costume of the character.

Joanne and I looked through the pattern collections of Simplicity, Vouge, and Butterick. After finding five patterns (two from Simplicity, two from Vogue, and one from Butterick) we decided to purchase the two Simplicity patterns. Not only were the patterns closest to that of our collaborative design and to the image of the character, but they were also the most affordable of the five patterns. It was very good luck that we got patterns that combined cost-effectiveness and accuracy to the character.

The two patterns that we purchased are quite different. One is a pattern for a Halloween costume whereas the other is for a semi-formal dress. The Halloween costume pattern is similar in that it holds the basic shape of the costume we plan to make; it is also predictably easy to alter the pattern to fit the style and shape of the costume we designed. The dress pattern is similar in that it has horizontal creasing that we are thinking of incorporating into the bodice of the costume; the neckline is also predictably easy to change into something that can be hidden by the armor and still look nice without the accompaniment of the armor if it becomes a burden to wear.

I have a feeling we will be using the Halloween costume pattern because it has more similarities than the latter pattern, but if worse comes to worse and neither patterns work we will make an entirely new pattern. In some ways, the alteration process will be like making a new pattern anyways. I am looking forward to seeing what progress can be made with the pattern the next time Joanne and I meet together.


One response to “Pattern Hunting

  1. Patterns are always priced $15-25. However, I never purchase them at this price. Usually about once a month Simplicity and Butterick will go on sale for $0.99, McCall’s for $1.99 and Vogue 2 for $5. With careful planning, you should NEVER pay full price for a commercial pattern.

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