First Draft

Day 6:
3 hrs

Today Joanne and I went right into picking up the process of working on the first draft of the costume from where we had left off before. After getting all of the fabric pieces cut out, Joanne took a few minutes to get me reacquainted with the sewing machine. After I felt comfortable using the sewing machine, we began pinning pieces together and sewing them.

I put the bodice of the dress together first. Afterward I put the skirt portion together. Then I put the skirt and the bodice together to complete the dress. I did not sew the back together because I wanted to be able to put the dress on like an apron to allow for more exact fitting with safety pins.

After putting on the dress, Joanne and I looked it over together to see what we would like to alter again. Some of these further alterations include lowering the high point of the split on the back side of the skirt, slightlty changing the shape of the neckline, and simplifying the pattern so that there are less pieces to put together and so there are less seams on the costume.

After I had removed the costume, I showed Joanne a leotard I found online that might be useful for the costume and we agreed it would be wise to purchase it. This is the leotard I will be using for the costume.

Over the week, I am going to be thinking of and listing the changes I would like to make to the costume pattern and draft so that the next time Joanne and I meet, there will be a clear understanding of what needs to be changed. We will be altering the draft during our next meeting.


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