Hand Sewing

Day 2:
2 hrs

Today I learned how to hand sew. Joanne took me through six different stitches (prick stitch, back stitch, running stitch, cross stitch, hemming stitch, and blind stitch) in a process in which I could learn to duplicate them. First, she would show me how to complete the stitch by doing it herself on a fabric piece. After she had begun and I knew the premise of the stitch, she’d have me start on my own stitch line. Once I had completed a line of the stitch from one end of the fabric to the other, she would compare her stitch to mine and say what I did well and what I needed to improve upon. She would then instruct me to do the stitch once again for practice (this step was completed only with three out of the six stitches- the prick stitch,  back stitch, and running stitch.) Four different fabric pieces were used to complete this practice stitching.

Learning to hand sew is not particularly useful for my project because the majority of the work done on my costume will be done using the machines. Joanne spent the day teaching me to hand sew for the experience and so that I could be informed on what I would be using in certain situations. For example, she taught me the hemming stitch so that if need be I can hem pants and sleeves. I had told her in the beginning of the project that this project was not just a way to complete the project, but to learn how to sew as well. In order to complete both of the tasks I came to her to learn, she taught me basics in hand sewing. These skills in certain aspects may become useful during the project, but the main reason we spent time covering hand sewing was so that I was learning how to sew as I had desired to.


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