Day 3:
2.5 hrs

Today it was planned that I was going to learn to use the serger more in depth and from there figure out what else I needed to be informed on. Plans changed when I arrived at Joanne’s. From the beginning of the project, Joanne had been informing me that I needed to do a front and back design of the costume so we could proceed with the costume from there. I created the design and brought it to her today, and once I showed it to Joanne, the rest of the evening was spent researching and re-designing the costume and it’s accessories.

Initially, I was only going to show her the design to see if it was accurate to the character. After seeing the design, Joanne went online and began looking at the character more. There were details I had missed in my design that I thought would be simple corrections to the design I had already created. Looking further into it, Kricket told me that the designs for the different layers had to be separated. For the entirety of the time I was with her, we were working on the costume designs. We made individual designs for the  armor, dress, leotard, and headpiece. There still needs to be a design for the sword made, which we will return to and make later.

It was useful to spend this time designing because we can now go further with putting together the costume and I got experience in designing something realistically. Initially my design was just for the looks of it, but the new collaborative design has all the realistic elements in how a costume would fit together as well as the aesthetically pleasing elements I was looking for. The redesigning process fit practicality and artistic ability together in harmony, which was not possible with my original design. The redesigning process was valuable because I now understand that designing a piece is not simply about how the piece should look, but how it will fit on the figure.


2 responses to “Designing

  1. You should also note that a major motivation of your design was making sure everything looked beautiful, with or without the armor. This affected where we place many of the lines during the design process. Not to mention, designing armor to be connected, but removable is a little bit more complicated than the average costume project.

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