Learning to Sew

Day 1:
1.5 hrs

Today I met at Joanne’s mother’s house to begin working on sewing techniques. I worked with an upper-basic sewing machine and a serger. I learned how to use the basic machine to create single, triple, and zig-zag stitches on testing fabric sheets (while experimenting with decorative designs that will not be used in the project such as hearts and flowers.) I learned how to serge the ends of a piece of fabric as well.

Learning these basic skills will be useful for completing my project because I will be using these stitches to put together my costume. I will be learning more about them than I did today over time to improve my skills to a point where I can put my costume together with confidence in my skills to a certain extent. Joanne has informed me that I do not need to use the decorative and complicated stitches with the sewing machine, which puts my mind at ease. It’s also good that I learned these basics because I will be able to use these skills more often than just for this costume.


2 responses to “Learning to Sew

  1. Although there can be dozens of stitches on a sewing machine, a costumer only really needs to use the straight-stitch and the zig-zag stitch for most projects.

    We also discussed how to thread the machine, how to react if you are having problems with the machine, and long-term care for the machine.

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