Choosing a Project

When thinking of what areas I would want to possibly explore for my senior project, many ideas crossed my mind.  Some of the areas I considered pursuing were: glass fusing, vocal development and performance, and creative writing. While considering all these ideas I knew that to a certain extent I was comfortable in these areas, so I tried to further reach within and see what I truly have been wanting to change or develop as a skill.

After considering my original ideas, I thought about learning a completely new skill: how to sew. I have been wanting to learn how to sew my entire life because there have always been adults in my life that know how to sew. Seeing this ability in others has made me want to obtain this ability, but I haven’t had a time or purpose to learn to sew.

Remembering I have always wanted to learn to sew but never had the excuse to do so, I decided this would be the main point of my senior project.


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