Choosing a Mentor

After deciding I wanted to learn to sew for my senior project, I had to find out what exactly I wanted to sew as a final product. After careful deliberation, I finally settled on either wanting to create a full cosplay of an anime character or a Victorian gown. Having chosen what I wanted my final product to be, I had to seek out a mentor that had experience either creating cosplays or detailed gowns.

I sought out mentors by searching online. I found a few wedding dress makers and one cosplayer. I contacted these people and heard back from two of them (one wedding dress maker and the cosplayer.) The wedding dress maker didn’t have time to be my mentor, but the cosplayer provided a different story in her response.

Joanne “Kricket” Powers, a cosplay shop runner (Kricket Kostumes) and cosplayer, responded that she would love to be my senior project mentor. She informed me that she knew how my senior project would work for the most part because she is New Tech alumni. She gave me various other crucial information for the type of work she would require of me for the project if I were to continue forth with her as my mentor. The guidelines she provided me ensured in my mind that she knew what needed for me to do to complete a worth while senior project and learn the most I could from it.

The one thing that caught me off guard in her response was that my focus, if creating a cosplay, would not be “learning to sew” but “costume technology.” Originally, the idea of changing my idea was discomforting, but once it was explained, I changed my topic for senior project without issue.

Having Joanne as my senior project mentor, I am prepared to learn the most I can about costume technology and create an amazing cosplay of Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth!


One response to “Choosing a Mentor

  1. I’m not surprised about the wedding dress makers. Perhaps you could have looked up people in the Napa theater scene (Napa/Vintage Drama Teachers, The Opera House, Napa Valley Playhouse, Fetterly Playhouse, Napa Valley College Professors)

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